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What is Mutual Fund

What is mutual fund? Know its benefits

Introduction The stock market is a huge universe, and it is very easy for any beginner to get overwhelmed by it. What is mutual fund can be a question that can very easily pop-up in any fresh mind, as it is very common. MFs are not outside the purview of the stock market; in fact, […]

difference between technical and fundamental analysis

Difference between technical and fundamental analysis

How do you take decisions in life regarding anything. Your answer will definitely include on the basis of information either what we already have or will acquire information related to the field. Similarly, when you come to stock market how will you take your trading and investing decisions? Fundamental analysis and technical analysis are two […]

benefits of investing in the stock market

Learn the Benefits of Investing in the Stock Market

We all know of the benefits of investing in the stock market. If someone asks, you might not be able to precisely articulate the advantages of investing, but you somehow have the impression that it is unquestionably beneficial. Therefore, we will permanently address your problem in this article now. We’ll go through all the wonderful […]


What is IPO and how to know about upcoming IPO?

An IPO is a superhit word in the stock market. It keeps popping up in the media and various articles. Headlines like upcoming IPO is a very big or latest ongoing Initial Public Offering are found everywhere and almost all time. This article is all about IPO. You will get to know everything about it […]

Difference between trading and investing

Difference between Trading and Investing. Which is better?

Trading vs Investing. If you are new to the stock market you might be thinking that, is there a difference, aren’t both the same? Well, no they are not the same and there is pretty much a big difference between trading and investing. One is fast and one is slow. But the tradeoff is that […]

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